Monday, November 17, 2008


So I've been really good about meeting with my trainer and now taking this boxing class at the local park.

I met with my doctor Friday, and well, I'm broken. I have to wear an ankle brace at almost all times due to the lack of cartilage in my ankle, he wants me to stop wearing flip flops so much (come on it's So. Cal in November and 80+ degrees), and stop lifting weights or doing push ups. That really gets to me. I've worked so hard to get healthier and now the things I really wanted to work on I can't for a while. I guess I'm supposed to learn a bit of patience here and maybe a bit of relaxation is what I may need.

My trainer will do more leg and cardio work with me and my boxing coach will have me do more jump roping and sprints while the others do push ups or some of the boxing moves.

It can get very frustrating at times when you try to take care of yourself but your body is broken lol. I feel so old having arthritis at 32 and having it since I was in my late 20's.

I'm excited to go to boxing tonight but I wish I could participate more. I am getting really good at push ups.

Update to come later......

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