Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend of Fun

This weekend was great...sure it started with a lovely migraine but I got to spend time with friends, breakfast, lunch & dinner & coffee all equaling a lot of catching up.

It's been nice to stay on the westside more and really limit my trips to the valley. It's really helped me thus far to become more connected. Kaila has been going with me to Kick Boxing classes and the instructor includes and encourages the kids to be there with the mothers and doesn't charge extra for them. That so rocks!

Here's a pic of Jill and I with our new hair do's. I went black to match my eyebrows (and to cover the gray) and Jill went more blond and I really like it.

On a side note, I've ordered through EBay "Dead Until Dark" and plan on reading the whole series. I am not into the whole vampire thing or books but I'm hooked to True Blood on HBO and they say if a movie is great the book is better so I can wait for the book to come.

Finally, I received an email from The Bellagio for a winter special and I'm taking Eric for our birthdays to relax and enjoy ourselves for the weekend. I can't wait!!!

I'm going to practice what my dear Lynn told me yesterday and live a week of non fault finding even within me and this will be a nice practice.

Have a great week!

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