Monday, December 1, 2008

There comes a time....

when every little kids stops believing in Santa. Well, our time has come. Sure we told Kaila there was no Santa but then I took it back real quick and made her happy. I don't know if it's living in a pretty Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, the fact 99% of her friends are Jewish, or that her cousin Tony has reminded her Santa isn't real but this was the last year I think I could get her to see Santa. She had me take a photo as well and she asked Santa for a new Scooter. I'm going to get her to take pictures with me each year if that is what it will take for her to take a Santa photo.

It's exciting to watch her grow and become more independent. We even went this weekend and she got a new white iron bed and a rug too for her room. She wants Hannah Montana everything in her room so I think between Christmas and Hanukkah this year she could be covered.

I'm so grateful for Miss Kaila. She amazes me every day. We even got her ears pierced again. This is the 3rd time she's trying with a surgical steel this time. Her and her friend did it together this weekend after they went shoe shopping and Disney store shopping lol. They both had a budget and did great with it. I splurged and got them the earrings with her mothers approval of course.

Well, I'm off. Kaila has a presentation in front of the school today about the new recycle prize program she created. My hope is she doesn't get shy in front of everyone and then I have to announce it lol. Have a great day!

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