Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chrismukkah 2008

Tomorrow ends the week long celebration of Chrismukkah 2008 in the Kastan household. I have to admit I haven't been too "In the Spirit" this year since I've been super busy but I did enjoy the time with my family for Christmas and I know we will have a great Hanukkah tomorrow with Eric's family as well.

Kaila loved the skateboard she received from "Santa" and the CD player as well. In regards to the skateboard she yelled "Daddy Daddy look Santa brought me a skateboard" it was very cute and in such Kaila fashion.

My birthday was spent at a memorial for Eric's grandfather but Kaila, Eric, and I went and saw Bedtime Stories after and it was nice, just the three of us. My sister-in-law even got me a slice of Red Velvet Cake that I had a bit of and it was yummy. I thought that was very kind of her.

We ended Christmas day with a trip to Griffith Park to see the Christmas lights. It was a lot of fun. All of us taking pictures. We may walk it the 31st if it's not too cold and lately it's been too cold for me to do anything.

Hopefully I will have time to post a bunch-o-pictures from Disneyland, Christmas, My Birthday, and Hanukkah soon but if not just know the Kastans had a great time and hopefully next year it will be in our new home....

Here's a pic I liked from the Griffith Park light show...

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