Monday, January 16, 2012

When You Don't Know.....

I was never going to post about this experience because it wasn't one of those heart warming experiences that people post about.  It wasn't a "Yeah, they will be OK moment".  It was a moment of and continues to be "What ever happened?" "Is she OK?"

I was at The Grove with my friend Diana around Christmas time and we went to DuPars for lunch.  When we were walking to get a table a woman ran up with her baby who was lifeless it seemed.  She wasn't breathing and didn't look right at all.  She was hitting her back and I don't know what happened but I remember telling her to stop hitting the baby and I lifted her arms.  I then saw the little girl throw up whatever was blocked.  At this point they were calling 911.  My friend and I went out to our table and she instantly hugged me.  I guess I looked like I needed it.  When the paramedics arrived they were with the little girl for some time.  They took her away.  After she was breathing she didn't seem right.  I just kept thinking, "What happened to her?" and "Is she OK?".  My friend said I instantly got in mommy mode and helped.  I let her know that something similar happened to Liam.  He was choking on a penny and if it wasn't for Kaila, who knows what could have happened.  I couldn't hear him choking and I got the penny out from holding his arms up and having him at an angle.  Now mind you I too wanted to hit his back but I remember my MIL and my grandmother both telling me to never do that.

Now fast forward to today.  I'm watching the news this evening and there is a woman who was on the boat in Italy that capsized.  She mentioned being handed a three month old baby girl.  She said she couldn't hold onto the baby any longer and gave her back to her father.  I could see in her eyes and understood when she said she didn't know what came of the little girl and her family.

I'm still wondering what happened to the little girl.  I know that I did the best that I could and I'm grateful I was there that day.  It just reminded me that some situations are out of our hands, that we have to remember we did the best we could, and have to have faith that everything was OK.

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