Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sometimes when you have a say 19 month old little boy and you cannot do anything right in the AM to make said boy happy you just want scream "What???".

Sometimes when your say 11 year old girl throws you attitude and raises her voice you just want to.....reflect back on the way you were at 11 and think "God was I really this annoying?"

Sometimes when your precious little guy screams like he's being tortured as you are putting him in his stroller you may just want to leave him there and walk no run far far away.

Sometimes when your 11 year old princess doesn't understand the word NO you may just want to leave her with said screaming toddler and get away as fast you can.

Yes, even with the rough times it's so worth having a 19 month old adventurer and a 11 year old young lady growing up and showing me painful moment at a time lol

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