Friday, September 11, 2009


So it seems when I take my daughter to the park I am one of say no mothers as I have just entered the Nanny Zone. I do live in an area where yes there are a lot of Nannies but it's becoming less and less Stay at Home Mothers around me.

Now when I used to work Full Time I too wanted a Nanny but now I feel lonely at the park lol with no one to talk to. So really, no offense to Nannies I just want more mothers now that I'm trying to be social.

Which brings me to a couple of things I found online. I thought these were both great. The first is a website to report "Bad Nannies" and the second is a real add from Craigs List for a Nanny.

More to come as I get used to blogging again from the mind of a Stay At Home Mother who should find some work because she really wanted these Juicy pants yesterday at Costco and Pixies tickets today and this whole "Staying within a budget" is hard.

Yes, today I would like a job so I can shop. Call me shallow, it's ok...

Interesting Sites to check out:

This is a real add on Craigs list...I thought this was great, sue me...

This was found on the website - I Saw Your Nanny which has some pretty funny stuff:

Really what these people come up with.

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