Monday, September 14, 2009

A Rant...

I didn't think I'd have any type of "Negative" post on here for at least a couple of weeks lol. However; today I read where someone blamed the bad music of today on the lack of education all around us.

Ok, those who judges should also grammar check their work before doing so. Who are any of us to judge those around us for their lack of education if there is one? How do we not know if these people have any type of learning disability and can't help terrible spelling or grammar?

I agree yes, there is spell check but still who am I to judge anyone? I'm so sick of people judging others but in a general way. Just call out the person and say "Hey Bob, your grammar is terrible" or "Hey Susan, use spell check now and then". Now you may want to do this just to them but maybe explain as well what they can do to better their grammar / spelling.

I'm going back to school hoping to better my education but who I am to judge you if you don't have one? What makes me better than you? People just need to keep quiet but it's great to catch their grammatical error when they're pointing out how bad others are.

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