Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friendship Anniversay

I just have to say that it's really nice to see the friendship between my daughter and her best friend. They met the 1st day of 2nd grade and the next day my daughter received a birthday present from this new friend who she had never ever met before and the rest is well, history.
Today we went to Disneyland to celebrate their 2nd Friendship Anniversary. They even coordinated their outfits for each other. My daughter wore blue for her best friends favorite color and her best friend wore a shirt about blonde's lol.

I love to watch their friendship grow and even with little arguments they always pull through on their own and even call each other sisters.
I was touched that they allowed me to hang out with them today even though I was always the one sitting alone lol

Yeah to new and old friendships that continue to always grow!
Kaila & Michal

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