Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Bear 2009

We're back to our regular scheduled lives....We had a blast in Big Bear. I got to snowboard a teeny tiny bit and you know that was fine. Miss Kaila wasn't enjoying snowboarding so much so we just stopped.
We went tubbing though and at $25.00 a pop I thought that was crazy. Seeing though this may have actually been my last trip to Big Bear we splurged a bit.

I'm glad I accomplished another fear. I have a bruised shoulder but nothing broken and a lovely sunburn from the snow (WOO HOO) but all in all it was a great family time by all.

I have a bit more than a month left on this YTL and I've been told by some they see really big changes in me. I really feel everyone should do this practice just once in their life. It really makes you value and see what is important in your life.

Here's a couple pics of the family adventures. Kaila really enjoyed being in the snow and yes, I enjoyed a snowball fight in flip flops (I know you can't take the So. Cal gal out of me).

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