Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oops it was Tuesday too??

I attended my first ballet class tonight. Before class I saw people talking about the class on Tuesday, yes that was a shock to me. I SWEAR my form said Thursday abut I guess it was Tuesday and Thursday. Still I was very prepared and that was good. I even spoke with the professor and she was ok too.

I'm a bit bummed because I will not be attending the Women's Meeting I love or seeing my gals in the valley until the end of this semester and it's 18 weeks long. I will be ok and I can't wait to see them all when it's over or there is a break, yes, I will begin looking forward to Spring Break lol.

This is the only class where I was actually nervous to walk into. This class is out of my comfort zone even more so then learning Economics or Algebra. I have body issues and especially from the amount of weight I lost. I have to admit. I was in the front of the class and the mirrors were right there and I was able to look at myself a couple of times and be ok with me. It was hard to do. I also liked that our Professor told us not to say "Sorry" unless we actually physically hurt someone or hurt someones feelings. I said sorry at one point and her response "Why are you sorry? You're learning" Gotta love that.

I'm excited as well that I'm going to get footless tights and some different dance clothes. I can't wait to see what happens. I even learned some moves today and can't spell them yet but also learned that all moves in Ballet are said in French. Good to know something new.

That completes my first week back in school. I'm tired and have a lot to do tomorrow for work but I feel good that I walked through it all and I'm looking forward to next week and the weeks after.

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