Sunday, January 4, 2009

Really...No Complaints Here

As I sat here looking at the top news stories for 2008 I realize how lucky I/We really do have it here in the United States. There was so much fighting & Natural disasters around the world this past year and even when we have something horribly go wrong (not that I'm looking for it) but still it seems we all pull together and get through it.

Here is a picture of Palestinian children playing together. To think these kids and kids in Israel have come to accept (maybe not accept) but come to know that fighting happens quite often is pretty sad. I'd hate for my child to have to live with the fact we may be a war at anytime. It can happen but luckily she's never had to be in fear of her life and I hope to keep it that way.

This year I hope to see a few more happy stories around the world. I know the media loves to show what's going wrong but I hope to see a bit more of what could be going right....

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