Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Final Three Months

So I'm here at Starbucks working on my "Last Will & Testament". I'm at the final three months of this practice I've been doing and it's time to start my Good-Bye process. It's interesting that when actually preparing this document who I think of when it comes to receiving my items or my beloved things that right now I would not part with. There are some people receiving things that are a given but I've left my books to someone I haven't spoken to in some time. Well between her and my daughter. It shows me that even though people grow apart when it comes down to it, who I trust to take care of my possessions who I chose. I trust this individual that if I want certain things kept and not given away that she would take care of them. I really got a warm feeling when I typed her name onto the document.

It is a bit scary writing this up because I really don't plan on dying in April but it will be good to be prepared because we really don't know what will happen day to day. I've been in two major car accidents that I didn't expect either time and well it feels good that even though it is for this practice I'm looking at what I'd like done in the event God forbid something happened to me before what I feel would be my time to go.

If I've learned anything thus far about myself through this practice is that I've had to do a lot of telling myself I'm not how I really feel about myself, that feelings really aren't fact, I'm right where I need to be, I'm not as bad as I think I can be, and I have to give myself a lot more credit than I do. I've been working more with my sponsor on this as well and I feel even with some set backs I'm doing much better taking care of me then I have in a long time.

These next three months are going to be so interesting and I'm looking forward to every minute of it!


Angela Apple said...

Sounds like you're getting a lot out of this experience and I'm happy for you.

It's a courageous thing to do and you should give yourself the credit for following through on YTL.

Have a beautiful day!

Miss Bliss said...

YAY! Such deep work and so illuminating.

thedamottas said...

I am confused are you making a real will?