Friday, April 1, 2011


Lately I've been told my more and more "How Lucky I Am" to be a Stay At Home mom. Where do I begin?

For starters I worked and over worked for 10+ years while my husband was in school. I worked tons of overtime and when my dear K was conceived not only was I told I couldn't have kids but I was on the pill for regular cycles. So our little miracle was born and barely saw her mother who went back to work before she was a month old. Lots of regret there, BUT what do you do when you have to do it.

Flash forward 2009 and I'm working for people who we don't need to go into details about and I'm just done. So I quit, traumatized and thinking...."I can't do this anymore. I can't work and do what makes me unhappy just for good money"

I'm then pregnant again with our second and yes almost 10 years later. That brings us to now. Yes, I'm a Stay at Home Mom and yes I adore my kids but let me tell you there are some plus sides other than money to working. For starters you do get breaks. You do get to take a restful lunch (some days, let's be honest) and you have adult interaction on a daily basis. Showers are also a must because you can't go to work smelling.

I also know how to manage my time in the corporate world. I'm really excellent at it to be honest but this whole managing my time with a 9 month old and 10 year old is very hard. I feel like a failure most days and I don't get to take care of myself and a shower is a bit of heaven for me BUT now since said 9 month old learned how to escape his crib that has become a "Make sure daddy or sissy are home" moment for me.

Even now as I try and type my blog entry that I somehow think will be done on a daily basis said 9 month old wants to eat cords because as we all know cords are delicious.

So, to those who tell me how great it is to be a SAHM just know that I worked hard to get here. I still make sacrifices and I don't sit on my ass all day doing nothing. I'm grateful to be at home with my kids but I've given up a lot I'm used to in order to do this. Like anything in life it's a work in progress and there are days I'd love to trade with you and be in a office hiding from my two kids.

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