Sunday, April 3, 2011

Francines Garden

My aunt Francine loved her garden in the back of our home on Maple. She was great with all the flowers and vegetables she would plant. As a kid I remember these green large bugs that would go after her tomatoes and she'd squish them with her fingers. She had no fear of them.

I always think of her when I pass pretty roses or other gardens with beautiful flowers. I think of how at peace she was in her garden. That is until the Parkinson's got so bad she couldn't garden any longer.

Today I walked past a rose bush and thought of her. She passed away a couple of years ago from complications associated with the Parkinson's. I'm sorry that L never met her but K will always have good memories of her great aunt and that makes me very happy. I can't wait for K and I to tell L stories as we start a garden of our own one day.

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