Saturday, April 2, 2011

Found a.....

Painful lump in my leg today while taking my shower. Now I know I could have done something with all my running but it doesn't feel right and only hurts when I touch it. I've been meaning to get a full physical done and I think it's time. I didn't notice it until I touched it and even now if I don't touch my leg it feels ok.

I have two kids and a husband who need and from what I've heard want me around.

I've been exercising and trying to eat healthier in trying to lose the L weight since he's coming up on 10 months.

So though this isn't the happiest blog entry it's a honest one that I am in some fear and E felt the lump and agrees I get it checked out so I'm being proactive.

I'm glad I'm starting to do a daily blog entry. Some will be happy, sad, funny, etc. and will be an adventure in what this blog will become.

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