Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This was a great Thanksgiving & L's first. K was a big help today and we enjoyed a lovely dinner with E's family. My Angel Babies came out good and my Caramelized Sweet Potatoes were a hit. Now off to bed as we leave early tomorrow for a weekend with E's family in the Bay area including the annual skating party & The Nutcracker.

So grateful for my life today and my little family plus the friends who put up with my crazy self. Life may be busy (extremely) but that is a quality problem of my wonderful life.

The final Angel Baby in all it's glory.
She let me take a picture. I can't believe she's 10. Time sure flies.
L's first Thanksgiving shirt brought to you by Grandma E but it ended up being a teether for the little guy.

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