Saturday, November 20, 2010

Domestic Project "One" Complete!

I've completed my journey into creating the perfect or next to perfect meringue aka Angel Babies. You see I had to do a trial run to (a) see if I'd kill the family with some bad meringue pie or (b) if I'd fail miserably the last moment and have to explain why there are no Angel Babies, just Pumpkin Pie.

My first adventure into this led to a runny kind of mess on the wax paper. I didn't get how the magazine was saying "White Firm Peaks" for these shells when mine was a gooey mess. I figured out my hand blender was not a mixer and my days of cooking from a box were over so I went and yes, bought a real mixer.

Not only did this mixer open my eyes to "White Firm Peaks" of future meringue goodness it also showed me to follow directions.

So attempt two went much better. I also saw that yes, over time proper mixing of Heavy Whipping Cream will get firm as well.

I've included Picture (A) How the meringues looked in the magazine and (B) my version for the trial run. I am hoping the real run on Thanksgiving looks even better since I will be comfortable.

Until my next Domestic Adventure.....

1 comment:

Raylene :) said...

They look wonderful and I cannot wait to try them. Great job sweetheart!! xoxo