Monday, September 20, 2010


L is now 3 months old...At our most recent appointment he was put in the 25th percentile...Weighed 12 lbs. & was 23 inches long. Not only that but he rolled over when the pediatrician asked "Has he rolled over yet?", well after we said "No" is when he rolled over because he's a show off.

K is now 10 and in the 50th percentile for height...received two shots....and will be seen again next September when she turns 11.

Our pediatrician offered us some great advice for meals.

1. Serve everyone from the kitchen and bring the plates to the table.
2. You can have seconds but NOT UNTIL everyone at the table has finished eating first. This will (a) make you eat slower & (b) may tell your brain you are full.
3. No food allowed on the table.

Love our Pediatrician. Just saying...

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