Sunday, May 11, 2008


So it's Mothers Day and well, I will probably be a bit busy today but I had a wonderful Friday and Saturday as my yearly retreat....Loved the fact I had a single room this year...I got a lot of rest and slept a lot which I believe I so needed. Friday night a bunch of us played Apples to Apples. That game rocked and can get very interesting. Saturday did some relaxation, work on myself, and went shopping with AngelaApple where I did little buying but we both enjoyed trying on some rings at this jeweler. They had no chocolate diamonds but they did have a beautiful yellow diamond ring for just 50k lol. I returned home Saturday night, rented some movies, and surprised my family who didn't expect me home until today. We'll, below are a few pics of my adventure but I'm off to enjoy Mothers Day, take my class, and enjoy more Mothers Day!

I love this Fountain! It's so pretty and it's nice to just relax around it.

Oranges and More Oranges, I love to buy a bag of Oranges each year. They are yummy!

The Ghost of Frankenstein...Yes, I love old thrillers and I got this great Legacy Collection of Frankenstein

Finally, my view above the Orange Groves as I left for my drive home

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