Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On Overload but ahhh in the end....

So it's been a crazy couple of months for me. I've had the rehearsals with K's school for Peter Pan and the fundraiser for the company I work for.

I did so much that my poor body went into overload....

I did the make-up for Peter Pan and here's some of my handy work. I did pretty well for a first timer if you ask me.. OK so not the best quality but it's from my cell phone...K was a mermaid and well, here she is with another of the mermaids in the official make-up room. I didn't really like their make-up but I tried at the dress rehearsal and this was the night of and I guess everyone struggled with the mermaids but the girls thought they looked beautiful and that was all that mattered..

So with the play over all that was left was the fundraiser. This is something I went into expecting so much more of it. I believed all fundraisers with auctions like at K's school had to be well put on. So when I found out how not together last years one was and how much fun it was I had to just sit back and let it be what it was going to be and well, it seems everyone had a great time! I even won the items from the silent auction that I wanted (: I've received numerous emails about what a great job I did which again goes to show, stop being so serious and have fun needs to be my mantra.

With the busy life I had I thought I'd take the day off yesterday. My work got me a gift Certificate to RA Organic Spa where I enjoyed a relaxing bath with fruit and flowers. During my bath I enjoyed some fresh Thai Coconut milk and after the bath it was off for a 90 minute facial where I could just relax. It was so nice to just take care of me.

Here I am after the facial / spa treatments.. I'm trying to practice not thinking negative thoughts of myself and just accepting me for who I am. This is me in the raw. At 32 and I feel not aging too bad. This practicing accepting me for me is a hard one but one I am doing it a bit by bit daily. I notice that I'm a bit shiny from the facial lol.

All in all I survived the past two months. I leave this weekend for the annual retreat I attend. I'm so excited to be getting more rest and spending some time with some women I adore and get some rest along with working a bit more on myself.

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Miss Bliss said...

Well done! YAY for the retreat!