Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is it really 2:30AM

In my quest to be a SAHM my first thought WASN'T to be a new mother as well. I mean K was in 4th grade and I was going to be the best SAHM like ever! It turns out we decided to have another child and bam, today....it's 2:35am and said new child is up and having a Party and forgot to let me know about it way in advance. I mean really, doesn't said child understand I do need sleep, that just because he can nap all throughout the day doesn't mean I can.

In my honest opinion and it's just mine there should be a night mommy at my fingertips that can come hang out with said child when they feel it's time for a all night party. I can't believe at my young age of 35 I wouldn't want to stay up all night. I remember being young oh so many years ago and could stay up all hours and be fine...OK maybe not really.

In closing I'd just like to say it's nice to have some time to post to my blog. Maybe the plus side to said baby with super power energy is that I can update my blog. Still I'd like Mary Poppins to show up at any time.

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